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More results from your entrepreneurship

Cultuur+Ondernemen (Culture+Entrepreneurship) is the knowledge centre for entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sector. We support cultural and creative organizations, independent artists and creatives who wish to get more return on their activities. To this end we work in partnership with governments and funds to increase the impact of their cultural policy and investments. With loans and other alternative financial instruments and governance programs we strengthen the cultural and creative sector and make it more independent so that it can flourish and so society can reap its benefits.

Orientation consult

To help you examine what logical steps you should undertake to further build up your business or career or fund your plans, you can get in touch with us for a free orientation consult.

Business Guide

In the Business Guide for artists, creatives and small cultural organisations, whether starting out or already established, you will find useful information and tips for marking out your future. The focus is on the entrepreneurial aspect of your profession: how to ensure you are seen and heard, how to organise your business, how to work towards your future and where to go when you need information and advice.

Business Guide

Download the free business guide here

Culture Loans

Do you or your organisation need money to fund a project, invest in equipment, materials or a production? If the returns on this investment look good, then you are likely to qualify for a low-interest loan. Cultuur+Ondernemen offers loans to artists, creatives and cultural organisations and can be used, for example, for a fashion collection, production or renovating a workspace or building. For larger loans we collaborate with other financiers including Triodos Bank. For more information please contact: / 020 530 59 15


Governance is about the way organisations are directed and controlled. Organisations should adopt good governance practises to ensure that the organisation responds adequately to changes in the external environment, to provide the foundation for a well performing organisation and to preserve and strengthen stakeholder confidence among other things. Dealing with governance consciously is essential not only for strengthening cultural organisations but for a healthy sector as a whole. The Cultural Governance Code provides a normative framework for proper governance. Organisations are required to work according to the Code in order recieve government funding. The english translation of the code can be found here.


For enquiries you can contact us by mail at or telephone on 020 535 25 00.


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