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For talented artists born outside The Netherlands

Mentoring for Immigrant Artists

Are you a talented artist born outside of The Netherlands? Do you find it difficult to navigate in the Dutch / Western European art world and to create an income for yourself? Would you like to boost your artistic practice and work on the visibility of your talent in your new country of residence?  

Then this special Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists might be a way to develop your artistic career and to take it to the next level. There are 10 places available in this special program. 

Mentoring is about dialogue and the transfer of knowledge and experience between established artists and emerging artists. No hierarchy but exchange, although one of you is in the mentor role and the other one is the participant of this trajectory: the mentee. The mentor is screened by Cultuur+Ondernemen to meet a list of requirements that make him/her suitable as a mentor. Important criteria that a mentor must meet include: an (inter) national profile as an artist, extensive experience in the top of the art world, the willingness to transfer his/her knowledge and experience to artists of another generation, and in possession of the skills and commitment to coach other artists in their development.

Over 1000 mentoring trajectories have taken place over the years and mentees report a considerable impact on their artistic practice after participating in mentoring.

Why Mentoring for Immigrant Artists?

We have noticed a lot of specific questions by artists born and trained abroad, that involve issues like how to establish themselves as an artist over here. How to deal with the business side of their profession, how to communicate more effectively about their work, how to keep on developing their talent in a different country and a different culture, how to create visibility of their work and last but not least: how to create an income to finance their artistic practice. That’s why we created this special program and selected mentors who understand these specific questions and circumstances. Knowledge and experience in guiding artists with a non-Dutch background for mentors in this pilot is a necessary requirement.

If you want to participate as talented artists born outside of The Netherlands, please apply with the following information:

  • Your contact information including your home address, telephone number and email
  • Your resume, the link to your website if you have any, or some examples of your work in pdf or jpg. Please put your country of origin and your age in your application, and let us know how long you have been living in the Netherlands.
  • Your motivation to participate in this specific program, what you would like to focus on in this trajectory.
  • With the application you agree to pay 650 euro's for 3 individual sessions with your mentor of around 2 hours per session. The frequency is one meeting per month.
  • You agree to fill in an evaluation form soon after finishing your trajectory
  • Send your application to and put ‘Application Mentoring Immigrant Artists’ in the header of the email.

You will be selected by a mentor on the basis of your talent / your work and your motivation. Cultuur+Ondernemen will contact you and provide you with all the information you need and matches you with a mentor that is most suitable for you.

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