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Charlie Citron

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As a mentor I focus on how artists can make themselves more visible on the local and international scene.

Charlie Citron (New York, 1958) is a sculptor, photographer and artist curator. He was born in New York, studied art history in the U.S. and attended the Rijksacademie from 1986-1988. He has participated in many international exhibitions in New York, Europe and Asia ranging from museums, galleries, residencies, on-site events and community projects.

Recent group exhibitions include: HDI at Museum Blanes, Montevideo, Uruguay and Beyond Limits, Post Global Mediations at the San Diego Art Institute 2014. Hotel de Inmigrantes, Cosmopolitan Stranger as part of Manifesta 9, Plan D Düsseldorf, Hopper-Re-Imagined, Edward Hopper House NY, Autonomy Zones, Czech Republic, Retour NY- Amsterdam at the Frankendael Huis, Amsterdam and The Griffis International Sculpture Garden, in Rome, NY.

He was an International Conference Travel Grant recipient for the College Art Association Conference Chicago 2014. He has a lot of experience teaching and giving workshops and lectures. Charlie Citron: ‘My objective as a mentor is to understand the professional goals and needs of the artist. We review together how their personal strategies are synchronized with their goals, to create dialogue around the quality of the work, career opportunities, and how to solve practical and artistic problems in each professional situation. I focus on internationalism in art and how artists can make themselves more visible and independent on the local and international scene. Internationalism is a local and global state of mind. Each artist can discuss every aspect of their work and can bring projects to the table such as: exhibitions, presentations, portfolio reviews, writing about your work, subsidy applications, post graduate education, and networking. Studio and gallery visits and practical discussions will be important in exploring how to connect and participate.'

'Self-empowerment via financial support, the market place, alternative initiatives and how to realize your projects at each stage of development will be key in the talks. There are many different art worlds. Every community is a potential niche for artistic activity. This can be in a museum, a gallery, a village, on-site event, public project or intervention. Diversity creates opportunities for an artist and stimulates artistic growth, dialogue and production. This awareness of potential enables you to discover and choose in which context to participate and realize your goals.'

'I am very open to mentor artists at many different stages of development. My philosophy is to help you achieve more satisfying and successful results in your work and public communication. I will ask questions about how you feel as an artist given different situations, to make visible your artistic patterns and choices, so you can anticipate and create personal strategies that will help you navigate in the art world.’

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